The People Who Helped Me


Online Groups

WHY JOIN? In online support groups, you’ll hear the worst, but you will also have a forum to ask questions of people who have done what you are considering.


For people considering lapband and for beginners


For people who have had the surgery

Graduate Bandsters

For bandsters six months or more out

Living Our Dream

For all kinds of weight loss and offers a local clothing exchange

Obesity Help

All stages & all procedures. Does include ads but has some great members


Get all the help you can get! Most of us cannot change our lives by ourselves. From the very beginning, I knew that I needed the advice of the successful, the skill of the accomplished, the love of my family and friends, and the kindness of strangers. Every group and every person on this page gave me knowledge and guidance. Many still do and help me stay on the Right Road.

I Could Not Make This Journey Alone

Special Thanks to My husband sam for all his tolerance & good will

Dr. Svein Holsaeter

Dr. Joel Cohen & Dr. Rashi Rosenstock

Lorena & Ruben Martin

Adjustable Gastric Lapband

Doctors Eldridge & Holsaeter

Dr. Svein Holsaeter

December 2004

Highest Weight 311 pounds

Current Weight 165 pounds

Cosmetic Surgery

Rosenstock Lieberman Clinic Dr. Rashi Rosenstock & Dr. Joel Cohen, San Jose, Costa Rica Summer 2009

Recovery Facility

CheTica Ranch Mykonos Cabin Costa Rica

Summer 2009


Jesse Ahroni, Ph.D and author of Laproscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding, is a regular contributor to online support groups. Banded in 1998, she is the model for my success. She knows how to talk tough without talking mean.

Dr. Ronnie Keith of Dr. Keith’s Wellness Options and Dr. Lana Nelson of the Journey Clinic graciously welcomed me into their support group. I’ve never been prouder than when they invited me to be a model in their annual fashion show.

Contact Info
Name: Sandra Andrews Effinger
Age: 68 years old
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Telephone: (405) 308-5779
Yahoo Groups: GraduateBandsters
Facebook: Sandra Andrews Effinger