Inspirational Quotes & Movies

The words morbidly obese were motivation enough for most of this journey. When they would not suffice, I turned to other words to inspire me. The set of cards below can be printed on business card stock and pulling out one randomly helped. The short videos helped put my challenge in perspective.

Being an English teacher, I also turned to certain books which helped. Jesse Ahroni’s Laproscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding chronicled her journey and helped me with mine. Linda Spangle’s 100 Days of Weight Loss helped me lose those last 15 pounds.

Simple Truths has encouraging and inspiring short movies for free viewing.

Thanks Nico!


Quotes on cards were posted by mymary0913 to the Yahoo group Graduate Bandsters.  She credits Jesse Ahroni and Judith Beck.  I have added some from Linda Spangle. Other insights from fellow bandsters.

Click on image to download .pdf file. It will print perfectly on standard business cardstock.

Doorpost Film’s The Butterfly Circus