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Food and Exercise Journal, Best Nutrition Database, Diet Plans, Recipes, Blog & Website Space, Weekly Weigh-in Reminder -- very motivational, but pricey. Downloading software to your computer is the cheapest way to go.
Food and Exercise Journal, Nutrition Database, Diet Plans, Recipes, Message Board -- lots of interactivity, FREE.

Free Diet & exercise Journal -- very simple but easy to use

Prevention My Health Tracker
Free online resource will even track your mood, as well as weight and exercise. A brief caution -- this site will send you more than an email daily. The emails are relevant but can become overwhelming.

The Lose It! AP for your iPhone also has a website where you can track your calories and exercise from any computer.

Sandra Effinger

Age: 70 years old




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Lapband removed 31 May 2019 after 15 Years of Success